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Hovertoon Prototype


Hovertoon Description:

The Hovertoon combines features of a hovercraft and pontoon boat by a patented (#US 8,418,638 B2 April 16, 2013) design that rotates the pontoons outward to deploy a hovercraft skirt.  When in hovercraft mode, it uses hydraulic powered lift fans with belt driven ducted fans for propulsion.  When in pontoon mode diverts the hydraulics to an out-drive unit. The result is an environmentally friendly way for recreational boaters to operate in shallow or weed infested water.  The design provides for more surface area and load carrying capacity, lower profile, and more stability over traditional hovercraft yet provides the cruise and maneuverability of a pontoon in navigable waters. With the cooling self-contained, winter use over frozen or partially frozen lakes and rivers is possible.

Title: Hovercraft + Pontoon = Hovertoon  - Description: Hovercraft + Pontoon = Hovertoon video of the deployment and retraction of pontoons to convert to and from a hovercraft pontoon.

Hovertoon Patent Basics Video

Customer Definition: Their Needs – Hovertoon Solution

The Hovertoon™ can maneuver in weed infested lakes or sandbar riddled rivers that restrict the operation of conventional outdrive watercraft.  Waterfront owners with unusable shoreline would now have access to deeper water and be ecologically friendly by not disturbing shallow areas thus eliminating the need for piers as the craft could be parked on shore. Use over ice or water makes it suited for rescue operations.  When the pontoons are retracted, the width of the craft is that of a standard pontoon making it easy to trailer.  It can be unloaded in a parking lot and driven down a boat ramp or down a shoreline into a lake or river.


For a pontoon manufacturer or hovercraft manufacturer looking for a crossover product to expand their business, Hovertoon™ offers the ability to utilize components already in the manufacturer’s arsenal making a hovercraft, Hovertoon, and pontoon manufacturing a possible business growth strategy. 


The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation “WEDC” has certified Hovertoon, LLC as a Wisconsin Qualified New Business Venture “QNBV” under Chapter 238 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  As such, Hovertoon, LLC investors are eligible for maximum tax credits of $50,000 (25%) on a maximum investment of $200,000 during the certification period of July 3, 2017 through March 31,2018. Renewed by WEDC through March 31, 2020.  WEDC does not endorse the quality of the management or the potential for earnings of the Recipient. Furthermore, the use of the phrase “certified” and/or “qualified new business venture” is not a recommendation or endorsement of the investment or the company by WEDC. 

Licensing of the product is also available.

Contact:           Richard D. Schramer
426 Van Horn Road
Berlin, Wisconsin  USA 54923

Email :             Dick.Schramer@hovertoon.com
Phone: 920-279-9900

Hovertoon U.S. Patent Link:   Patent #US 8,418,638,B2

Proof of Concept Radio Controlled model pictures:

12/25/2010         RC Prototype

Full Scale test bed was constructed to test the lift System and Skirt Design followed by a prototype:

PDF files with pictures:

02/14/2017         Lift System Development Pictures

02/04/2017         Skirt System Development Pictures

07/24/2017         Lift and Skirt 5000 Pound Load Test Results

10/11/2017         Front Lift Fan Cage and Fencing mock-up

12/08/2017         Rear Thrust Cage and Rear Fencing mock-up


Videos on YouTube channel “Dick Schramer”:

07/24/2017         5000 Pound Load Test

12/02/2017         Fencing Build

12/02/2017         Pull test on a 6-degree slope

06/24/2018         Thrust Motor and Fan Build

08/07/2018         Test Platform First Flight

09/04/2018         Test Platform Second Flight

11/30/2018         Test Platform Snow Run

08/03/2019         Test Platform Last Run/Disassembly and Prototype Assembly

09/06/2019         Prototype First Flight in and out of the water

09/21/2019         Prototype Second Water Test after Skirt Mods

10/10/2019         Prototype testing with passengers

10/20/2019         Prototype 10-mile trip on the Fox River

12/10/2019         Hovertoon Patent Basics

02/03/2020         Hovertoon Prototype on Snow

                02/22/2020         Hovertoon First Ice Run

                05/23/2020         Hovertoon Second 10-Mile Trip

AutoCAD drawings of the various views:

Side views

Front and rear views

Top view

Centrifugal Lift Fan Kits available, contact vial email at Dick.Schramer@hovertoon.com for pricing and delivery, or custom sizes.

Lift Fan Kit


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